# Expertise


Innovative strategies for your brand positioning

Studies and benchmark

Our social intelligence team has grown over the years allowing us to gather numerous sector-level data linked with uses and development of social media. Our analytical tools allow us to deliver in-depth studies, cornerstone of a cleverly conducted strategy. This has a positive impact on the implementation of you project.

Digital strategy

Continuously monitoring the evolution and challenges of social media, tourism and digital, we are committed to constantly being enlightened explorers. Our inspiration also feeds on encounters, shared experiences, travel and multiple world of interests. This infused set is then diffused with passion and conviction in the design of your social media strategies.

Online reputation

Listening to the web and the digital traces left by the communities makes it easier to understand your brand territory. Thanks to the semantic analysis of the content produced by the users and the degree of diffusion of the messages we can identify your strengths and weaknesses via each positive or negative signal evolving on the web. Doing this can also detect market trends specific to your targets. All of these data bring us to work together on performing actions in line with your strategic objectives.

Innovative strategies for your brand positioning


Performance levers to recruit, engage and convert your communities.

Ad campaigns

There are several types of campaigns: recruitment, engagement, promotion, conversion. Depending on your goals, we make sure to activate the most relevant. Each social network has its own advertising platform and the targeting criteria are powerful and customisable. We are committed to choose the best in order to maximise the performance of the campaign for your destination or brand. A monthly report will then highlight the performance indicators and the associated outcomes.


Perfectly fitted to the social networks, contests are a great lever of acquisition, animation and notoriety. We create interactive, participative and self-image mechanics to serve your goals. Often associated with a sponsored campaign to gain visibility and engagement rate, contests reach well-identified user profiles. From design to reporting, we ensure the success of this operation.

Special opérations

We can design multiple marketing operations linked to sponsored campaigns. Tell us about your specific needs.

Engage and convert your communities


Media that value your brand through emotion.

Photos and video reportages

More and more, images are taking over our lives and social media is their kingdom. Animated or not, they have a strong emotional power and engagement. We work on a regular basis with content producers with great talent who know how to recreate the beauty of a destination, all the energy of a travel experience as well as the rich DNA from a tourist sector brand. These creative, subtle and immersive productions take the audience into an attractive universe in which they can dream and project themselves. Enough to implement a beautiful content strategy that is both powerful and outstanding.

Media that value your brand through emotion.


The new way to promote a destination or a brand through genuine, creative and unique content

Blog Trips

We have been organising operations with influencers for more than 8 years. Thanks to the mutual trust created over the years, we can imagine beautiful actions of valorisation of your region, promotion, visibility and attractiveness. Blogs trips are designed so the influencers will discover the wealth of your destination. By having them visiting and experiencing your destination they’ll capture live moments that they’ll share with their communities.

Content creation

Content quality is crucial on social media if you want a good engagement of your communities. Today influencers are the new way to promote a destination or a brand through genuine, creative and unique content that stay close to your editorial line. Photos, videos, articles, storytelling are full of emotion.

More than 80 destinations have trusted us.

Community Management

An daily expertise to monitor your communities on social media.


Our team design and distribute the publication on your social networks in order to ensure a regular visibility. Content is discussed and validated by you to best match your editorial strategy and expectations. Daily moderation is performed to ensure the satisfaction of your communities and to control your e-reputation. In parallel, we prépare statistical reports to follow the evolution of your audience and performances.


One of our experienced community manager supports a member of your team in the running of your social networks from A to Z. After the definition of your needs, we establish a calendar through calls and regular emails exchange to transmit our knowledge in social media monitoring and the latest digital media news and updates.


Because there is nothing better than IRL meeting, we can meet you at your place of work or here in Nantes to provide you with one or more days of complete training on topics defined with you upstream. Our workshops are very insightful and pragmatic and you’ll make progress on your targets.

We Like Travel is currently monitoring several pages in the Top 10 most engaged Facebook pages in France.